Meet Tia!  Tia is the reason we fell in love with the Bernese breed.  Her parents were imported from Czechoslovakia and passed on amazing genes. 

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Tia Maria

       CKC Czech

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This lovely girl is our very first Bernese, we didn't really know what to expect when we got her,  (followed by Kira a week later)  That fall and winter were the most delightful and memorable times we can remember in having dogs. They never failed to make us smile and laugh every single morning with their goofy and lovable characters.

We thoroughly fell in love with the Bernese breed as we watched them grow and we found the breed that was a perfect match for us and our family.

Tia's parents were imports from Czechoslovakia, and she was born August  2017. Tia is our somewhat  shorter Bernese girl,though she is a  tank and solidly built with a beautiful thick curly black coat . Slower to mature, she will  keep growing and filling out till she is 3 -4years old.

At 24 months she is presently nearly 95lbs. 

At 3.5 years Tia is 115lbs
OFA certified for hips and elbows, with good results. 

Genetic screening completed for DM and Von Willebrande.

Slightly aloof with strangers but when she gets to know you
she will adore you and never leave your side. Her personality is loving, always ready to play and very patient and tolerant with children . She loves going in the truck, doesn't matter how far, as long as she gets to come.

Tia's boy puppies
Tia's boy puppies




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 A short video of some of Tia and Buddys puppies,  including Josie, 2019.   

October 2020          Oh what a year