Puppy News!

We are looking ahead to our Spring litters right now. As we had more available puppies than we originally thought we would have, our spring reservations are  open again, we do have room if you are looking for the perfect companion in these beautiful Bernese puppies.

We are presently trying another breeding with our Abby, if this is successful we will have a couple of puppies available from her  in April. this will be the last of our big girls breedings. Abby is 130lbs and a beautiful gentle giant.


Deposits are $500 to reserve your puppy

Puppies are all sold on a non-breeding contract

Deposits are non-refundable (unless there are no puppies)

We reserve the rights to first pick puppy for our selves.

All puppies come with access to 10 weeks of free trial pet insurance.

Puppies go home between 8-9 weeks old and have their first vet check and core vaccines.

All our puppies are fed a high quality raw diet with goats milk and sent home with some raw to help the transition to the food of your choice

 (although we recommend a raw fed diet)

Puppy packs include Pet insurance details, a collar, and a quality local made fleecy blanket and chew toy that has the scent of mom and siblings on it.

Sharon Arkinstall


Riley Arkinstall

Red Deer, Alberta