Puppy News!


       Puppies planned for late fall  2020

We are planning on a Kira and Flyn breeding this fall 2020. This will be their first litter.  (waiting for pregnancy confirmation)


          Tia and Buddy litter due October 13th.


                (update as of August 23 ) 


        The reservation list for this litter is   


 Reservations have started being taken for Josie/Flyn litter (due April 2021 ) 

Reservations have started  on potentially last litter for Tia also for late spring early summer 2021.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any of these upcoming litters or any other questions you may have. Feel free to call or email. Sharon

The price for the puppies is $1,900.00  

The deposit is non refundable and $400.00.


We do our best to provide you with a puppy, but sometimes nature has her own ideas and we end up with a female that is not pregnant.  So when this happens we move you to the next litter.  


Deposits are $ 500 on your puppy, and $1400 at time of pick up.

Puppies are all sold on a non-breeding contract

Deposits are non-refundable (unless there are no puppies)

We reserve the rights to first pick puppy for our selves.

All puppies come with access to 10 weeks of free trial pet insurance.

Puppies go home between 8-9 weeks old and have their first vet check and core vaccines.

All our puppies are fed a high quality raw diet with goats milk and sent home with some raw to help the transition to the food of your choice

 (although we recommend a raw fed diet)

Puppy packs include Pet insurance details, a collar, and a quality local made fleecy blanket and chew toy that has the scent of mom and siblings on it.

Sharon Arkinstall


Riley Arkinstall

Red Deer, Alberta