Our Breeding Commitment.

 We are dedicated to breeding quality Bernese of sound temperaments and strong genetic makeup.

producing healthy puppies who have been started with everything they need to succeed.   We think it is very important to know that we are passing on lovable, gentle, adorable personalities. 

All of our breeding dogs are genetically tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Von Willebrand disease (VWD) through Paw Print Genetics.  They are also OFA certified clear of Hip Dysplasia.  Of course, there are no guarantees that a dog will not get something in his/her lifetime, but setting them up for success from the start gives them the best chance of living a long and healthy life.

During the first few weeks of the puppy’s life, we incorporate the Puppy Culture (early neurological stimulation).  This method gives the dog a superior advantage because it stimulates the neurological system with only six exercises.  Each step involves handling puppies once each day specifically during the first two weeks.  Lack of early socialization and negative human interaction can lead to long term temperament issues, ranging from fear, timidity, aggression, anti social and all around bad behaviors. (ask me how I know)


What will your new puppy have before it comes home?

- vet checked

- 8 week vaccinations followed by 2 days of AntiVaccinosis (https://www.adoredbeast.com/products/anti-vaccinosis) 

- dewormed (twice)

- 10 weeks of complimentary pet insurance with the option to continue coverage

- puppy pack (puppy food, locally handmade fleecy blanket with mom's smell on it to help your puppy adjust, a collar and a chew toy)


Deposits are $400.00 to hold your pick puppy.

Puppies are $1,600.00 sold on a non breeding contract.

Deposits are non refundable (unless there are no puppies)

We reserve the right to first pick in any litter for our own breeding purposes.       

Sharon Arkinstall


Riley Arkinstall

Red Deer, Alberta