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Born December 2015,  Abby, sister of Assay, is our largest girl at 145 lbs.

She is big boned and has the striking classic good looks of the Bernese breed.

She has a beautiful head and nice conformation. She is the true family
companion, very sweet, gentle, affectionate, easy-going and so patient and calm with children and other animals. 

She loves to play and go for walks as much as she enjoys just laying at your feet. 

Abby's hips are OFA  certified 'GOOD'  clear of  hip dysplasia  and genetic health tested clear for DM and Von Willebrande.

Abby is retired - 2021

Abby is grandmother to our Georgia

Abby lives in Turtleford, Sask with my good friend Brad, Abby will be 9 years old this year   2024

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