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Rising Stars

Yves is our baby from Tia and Buddy, born October 2020
She has a lovely chunky stocky body with a beautiful white blaze. She will be a full sister to Josie.

Yves @11 weeks.jpg

7 weeks                                                           11 weeks                                            16 weeks and 38lbs

Our newest addition , ALICE, is from a recent litter from Assay, our big Croatian girl and Buddy, December 2020.  We decided to keep this gorgeous girl back to keep the big healthy Croatian lines going in our future puppies and shes cute as a button. Assay and Abby have given us incredibly beautiful puppies in the past and were excited to see this little girl grow.


assay baby 3.5 weeks.jpg
assaybaby6 weeks.jpg

3.5 weeks                                                            6 weeks

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