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As we travel this amazing journey with our dogs.....

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

As we travel this journey with our pets, there are so many different ideas and protocols out there all advising the best way to enable your pet, dog in this case, to live as a healthy and well behaved member of your family. There's behavior issues, health issues, family compatibility, a whole internet of information at your disposal, I am sharing some of what I have found works for us , new research on vaccines, the importance of diet, holistic alternatives and preventative medicine. pretty well the same as what you would practice for your own family of humans, except in an accelerated version for your dog. 12 weeks of puppy socialization is akin to the 10 to 12 years it takes to prepare your child in behaviors , healthy lifestyle and choices, ability to handle stress and new experiences, and being able to become a healthy, well balanced adult as possible. I know not everyone will agree and everybody has their own ideas, and thats ok, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. We have had many CKC/AKC registered dogs, and spent thousands of dollars on them and did our due diligence in health testing and conformation Dog Shows, do I think they are better than my unregistered dogs that I have here right now, absolutely not, there are huge pros and cons, to both sides. I am definitely partial to purebred dogs,but Im not as much of a "my dog is registered" dog snob as some are..and i I used to be, ..I have had registered expensive dogs, many with huge problems, breeding is crucial , just as is diet and socialization, and of course health testing on the parents, they do pass on genetic traits.

What we learnt and saw is that some times temperament is passed over for looks and championship lines, and sometimes health is passed over for looks and championship lines. So while most of our crew here are unregistered, they rock the family pet, they are a pleasure to live with, there smart and intelligent and they are definitely good to look at.

people love their pets, and more so all the time, they are a huge part of our lives and bring us so much joy and companionship, and that is what we are all about .

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