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Boost your dogs Liver to Prevent Skin issues

itchy skin and excessive scratching are annoying for your dog and can cause sores and hot spots. Drugs may be a quick fix but they dont cure the root problem, and can sometimes cause more problems. check out this article from Dogs Naturally, IM going to try some of these tinctures on Kira, shes always been a scratcher....ill have to wait till shes had her babies first.yaa October baby pumpkins ..

..ive noticed kibble makes her scratch harder, but sometimes she just turns her nose up at raw and wont eat it at all, and when traveling she has kibble. Ive heard terrible things about APPOQUEL.. research it before you use it, so going naturally is what you want to do. here in Alberta i dont think its as bad as other areas, weve never had fleas on any of our dogs, cold weather really helps, so we have it pretty good.

check out this article I did the DNM Herbal course with Rita Hogan, shes great

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