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Feeding your puppy a RAW DIET

When we first started breeding the Bernese, we thought wed stay safe and feed a good puppy kibble, and I dont know if Bernese tummies are more sensitive but we always had an explosion of diarrhea, usually just before we had to go to the vets for a check up and vaccines. we try to keep puppies till nearly 9 weeks, and let me tell you.,from 7 - 9 weeks its lots and lots of poop , and sweetness of course, puppies are demanding people time and are naturally looking to interact with us, so keeping them longer is lots of work. WE started all our litters on goats milk , (puppy formula, )and they did so well, then we slowly added the kibble, but still there was always diarreha, so we decided to go raw, and it was great, no runny poops, no upset tummies, everyone was healthy, which is critical before puppies have vaccines. WE start our puppies on goats milk then start to add Grandma Lucys, its a freeze dried raw like pablum and you just add warm milk, the babies love it, then we start with some minced turkey or chicken and goats milk, then as this all goes well, we start with a complete raw, usually chicken or turkey as its easy on tummies. there are some that make thier own raw from scratch, we are lucky in that we have raw food suppliers nearby. I believe starting the puppies on raw sets them up right from the beginning to have a healthy gut and immune system, to hopefully lessen the chance of sensitivity and intolerance for all kinds of food, allergies and health issues.

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