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HOT SPOTS..... Both Flyn and Kira devolped hot spots recently.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020 Flyn and Kira devolped hot spots recently, go figure, its middle of winter, so not bugs, theres no chemivcals int he yard, we have puppies in the house, so the floors dont get washed that often lol and when they do its a bit of dishsoap, they are on a raw diet, so why are they getting hotspots...Kira is usually a bit itchy scratchy in winter, so this could be an underlying issue,and flyn, no idea, boredom maybe, not so much outside activity due to horrid cold weather, in April already, and the crazy worldwide virus, so i will begin by making sure they are getting pro/prebiotics everyday, all starts in the gut, will see if this helps clear it up, meanwhile Dogs naturally article has some great remedies that are natural, proven effective and not anitbiotics etc.....

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